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About Sarah Landström

Sarah Landström is an Artist and Fly Fisher living in San Francisco, CA. Having grown up along the shores of Lake Michigan, Sarah has always had a close relationship with water and the environment around her. But when she moved to Montana at 18 her life, her art, and her relationship with all things aquatic changed. She fell in love with the sport and the intricacies of the beautiful fish she was able to experience. While attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago she was able to develop her unique intense style of painting. Her works are primarily dramatic large-scale depictions of fish or the environments they inhabit. 

After leaving Chicago, Sarah began her journey into the Fly Fishing Industry by showing work at a series of fly fishing shows and developing relationships with companies such as Loop Tackle and Fishewear. But that wasn't enough. Because Sarah loves to teach and share this sport with others, she began working in women's programming through her now local shop, Lost Coast Outfitters. Through this, she is able to foster community and share a sport that is increasingly more and more diverse in its members. Casting events, educational trips, and discussions about water conservation allow Sarah to give back to a community that has already given her so much.

Currently Sarah is working on a series of pieces for Loop Tackle that focuses on specific species conservation efforts such as Atlantic Salmon. She is pushing her depictions of fish to emphasize their unique attitudes and behaviors. Much of her research when approaching these new painting is done first-hand, by traveling to locations and fishing for Tarpon, Steelhead, Golden Trout and others. This allows her to share her experience and the ways she sees these beautiful species through painting.

Being young and as excited as ever about both Art and Fly Fishing, Sarah intends to travel and experience as many people and places in this beautiful fly fishing community as possible! To follow Sarah's art practice and fishing adventures go to:

SMITH OPTICS - LOOP TACKLE - FISHEWEAR - BLACKSTRAP - Insta: @sarah_landstrom - FB: @landstromart

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