Sarah Landström is an energetic 24 year old artist living in San Francisco, CA. She studied classical painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently a Masters of Fine Art candidate at The California College of the Arts. Sarah’s practice heavily revolves around her development as a conservationist and angler. Moving from Alaskan rivers to rural Ireland, Sarah has collected and expressed her experiences through referential palettes and subject matter in large scale paintings. Because these delicate landscapes are easily influenced by ill-equipped policy and greed, Sarah hopes her work will encourage her audience to educate themselves on local waters and the environmental pressures they face.



Remote No Pressure (Podcast) "Sarah Landstrom's Zen and The Art of Fly Fishing" August 2017

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Trouts Fly Fishing: “We’ve Teamed Up With Artist Sarah Landstrom” February 2017

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